February 10th, 2005

Due South

Moral Dilemma

I came across a fic today at ff.n that I knew I'd read before, only the version I'd read before was done much better than this copy.

Plagiarism, I first thought, so I set out to find the other version of the story.

Now, having found said story, I do notice differences. The premise is the same (same characters doing same thing). The twist at the end is the same. But the middle is different.

Obviously, it's not a clearcut case of plagiarism. It might not even be a deliberate case of plagiarism - who hasn't accidentally used something from a story they've read? But the influence is very deliberate and very obvious to anyone who's read both stories.

So what do I do? I'm not reporting it to the administration, because it's not obvious. But do I tell the authors? Let them sort it out? Just the original author and see what s/he wants to do? Just the new author to see if s/he realized what s/he did?