January 28th, 2005

Due South

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I always forget that I really don't mind -15 weather. It's actually quite nice. Especially when the sun is shining and the wind dies down, as it has for the past few days. It's absolutely gorgeous out (okay, so it was really more like -5 today, but the sentiment is the same). Really, it's the windchill factor that's the killer in winter.

I went shopping. It was a waste of time. I was all prepared to spend money, but found nothing to spend it on. Well, except juice (don't ask) and a skirt. And the skirt was only because it fit, I should be able to wear it to work, and it was a grand total of $5. I spent more on juice than on stuff for me. It was a bit annoying, actually.

I'd gone shopping (and walking) to get over the January blahs, which I always seem to get and never seem to remember that I get them. It's always a combination of blahs and being actually sick. Last year, I poisoned myself on Advil. This year, I gave myself a concussion (probably - I never did get to the doc's). Next year, with any luck I'll be able to avoid them because I'll just be starting school instead of returning: I decided to take next term off in order to work.

Of course, that brings back the New Zealand question. I'd finally decided that I couldn't go, because of the money and work thing. But if I'm going to be working for an extra three-four months, then I should be able to afford it, both in terms of money and time off of work. So that's up in the air again.

In other news, I've been getting through January by being unbelievably obsessive, first with Star Wars, then with Sluggy comic and then with Arrested Development. Actually, the latter obsession is still going strong, and I urge all of you to watch the show.