November 29th, 2004

Due South

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You were going to get a long, bitchy, whiny rant from me, but Our Lady Peace's Naveed, the very best song in the entire world, came onto the radio, so I'm feeling better. Well, that and I had something to eat; I don't think I've been eating properly lately, which is why I'm always so tired and feeling like crap.

But to surmise, I'm really mad at myself because I don't seem using any of my self-dicipline, even though I have great self-discipline.

I'm still upset at my friend's car accident. She's fine, but it got me thinking about how I don't know anyone personally under the age of thirty who's died and the fact that I've been to something like four weddings in a row without a funeral to break them up.

I'm mad at myself because I'm a slob and I have too much stuff. I have to stop buying stuff.

I'm also mad at myself because I'm not finishing Nano. I have the choice of desperately working on it for the next 24 hours or else writing papers and studying for exams that are worth, accumulatively, 110% of my grades that are due/being written Wednesday and Thursday.

Believe it or not, this is the incredibly short version. I mean I cut something like 9/10s of it. I just can't wait until Friday, when this will all be over.