November 23rd, 2004

Due South

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I went to see Alexander last night. U of T had a free preview screening of it. Needless to say, it was packed. I ended up waiting in line for two hours--and by line I mean a huge huddled mess where the people who were technically in line kept on yelling at us who realized that no one else was staying in line so there was no way in hell we were staying in line, either.

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Got home at around 1:30 and was dead exhausted. Since I don't have classes Tuesday, I decided to sleep in past noon as a treat.

Of course, at 8 the doorbell rang. Several times, in fact, because it turns out my roommate is MIA. It's our neighbour upstairs, the landlord's daughter, who tells me that someone's coming to clean out the furnace. Said furnace is in my room, so I really can't just sleep through it, allowing him access to it, as she suggested (I don't think she was thinking properly, either). Plus, my room was a horrid mess so I had to clean it.

I got about another half hour of sleep before he came and after that couldn't fall back to sleep. So now I'm still absolute exhausted and planning to go to bed early to make up for me not being able to sleep in today.