November 8th, 2004

Due South

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Typical me, doesn't wear her scarf for the first time today in a week. Today is also the first day we got below freezing. Technically, we have snow. Really, we had that cross between snow and rain, when it floats down a little too lightly to be called snow but has melted even before it touches you, so it can't be called rain. And it did this while I was without a scarf walking to and from my sister's because the darling girl needed help with her internet.

Actually, it worked out. Afterwards, I went to her restaurant because she was working, ate supper there and wrote 3 pages of an essay I've due on Thurs. Since my goal today was to write 2 pages, I'm rather proud of myself.

Now, if only I'd surpass my NaNo goals...
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