October 25th, 2004

Due South

(no subject)

I'm sorta peaking my head back into the fandom. I will have a story up in the next week or two and I'm trying my hand at drabbles. Failing miserably, but trying at least.

I've been poking around ff.n and decided that I want there to be C2 communities for the following:

Sirius stories (because there isn't one already?)
Sirius and James stories (non-slash - friendship only - the stories where I go "I love your Sirius/James interaction! You write the two friends so well!")
Bootstrap Bill stories
Adventure/Action PotC stories
Good Artemis Fowl non-romance stories

BTW, there is a Sirius/Bellatrix C2 community. And speaking of which, I think I'm going to update my S/B fic list this weekend. Has anyone come across any that need to be added?