October 19th, 2004

Due South

My potatoes sing to me

I went to the bank today, but was very disappointed that I didn't get the new, pretty twenty dollar bills. My friends, whom I had lunch with, got them yesterday from the bank, so I did get to Oooh and Awww over them, but it's not the same.

I then promptly went to the LCBO to buy booze with said old 20s. Because apparently sambucca, vodka, baileys and several types of wine aren't enough variety for me. So I bought myself rye as well.

I also got food. To cook myself supper. Go me! Except, of course, when I forgot to cut Xs into both sides of the potatoes, flipped them so that the crosses were faced down and the steam couldn't escape, and didn't notice the stupidity until I noticed that they were singing.

Yes, sing.

My potatoes were singing.