June 13th, 2004

Due South

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I always seem to do spots of spamming my journal and then doing/saying nothing. Actually, my long silence was a combination of having nothing going on in my life, being utterly and completely busy and having little internet connection.

The busyness was all at work. It was an insane week. We tried to do a two weeks' job in three days. Needless to say, it didn't happen. But as a consequence, I worked practically nonstop all week, not even able to take my full break and lunch on any day. The best I did was on Friday, when I took an entire hour of the hour and a half allotted to me.

I saw HP3 on opening night, of course. Went up to Peterborough to see it. I rather enjoyed it, even most of the changes. I think the difference is the changes in this movie were for the sake of the movie, for the sake of making the adaption work a bit better. Which I didn't find to be the case in the previous two movies. I do suspect, however, that they left out a few vital pieces of information, specifically regarding Peter's betrayal and why people suspected Sirius. Of course, I was laughing hysterically during the Shrieking Shack scene, so I couldn't say for sure.

No, it wasn't the "old married couple" line. Rather, it was something along the lines of Remus telling Snape to stop acting like a fool and Sirius responding that he couldn't help it, he'd had so many years of practice.

My mom freaked out when my best friend (the one in Peterborough) called me with bad news on Friday. Turns out all was well. Her computer just was fried. Much, much better than the other two pieces of news we'd received that day.

The first was my uncle has colon cancer. Actually, the news was that his surgery to remove it seemed to be successful. But the news was still bad because we hadn't heard that he'd had cancer in the first place until Friday's news that they'd probably removed it all. That marks the second time in six months that my father didn't hear about one of his brothers having cancer until he received news of said brother's successful surgery.

In any case, they think they caught all of it. And since they discovered it in the first place because of a routine check-up, there's a better chance that he'll be fine now.

Not so with one of my parents' good friends, my mom's ex-roommate and the wife of one of my father's oldest friends. We also heard on Friday that she has lung cancer. They're not sure the specifics, but the family is preparing for the worst. Which really doesn't sound good. Especially considering lung cancer isn't one of the ones that they often catch early.

Why is it always cancer?