May 29th, 2004

Due South

Books and Gods

On the subject of whether Loki is a god and where, I thought I'd post this website for you all. I so totally fangirl it.

God Checker - It hopes to eventually have all gods from all pantheons listed there.

Every so often, someone on my flist discovers a booksite and loves it, so I thought I'd post a couple I enjoy.

50bookchallenge - A community in which you are challenged to read 50 books in 2004. It's a little late if you're just starting off, but no one is going to laugh at you if you don't reach 50.

Bibliophil - A site dedicated to tracking all the books you own and/or have read. Reviews and ratings of said books are optional.

BookCrossing - A site dedicated to trading books. You've many options - wild releases (where you put it out in a cafe, a park bench, a train station, etc., and hope someone interested will pick it up), trades, bookrings (where there's a list to read the book and each member sends it to the next person on the list after they've received and read it from the last member), etc.

I'm MegOConnor there, by the way.
Due South

Ficlet: Mischief Averted

I feel good about myself today. I wrote today. Wrote for things that I was supposed to write for, at that.

It especially makes me feel better than yesterday, when I learned that I was less than half an hour away from witnessing an attempted murder on Thursday. Right downtown, right by the library, where I was going to drop off a library book, right where it's only a five minute walk from my work because the mall is a bit of a maze to get through.

Things like that just don't happen here.

Enough morbidity. A ficlet.

TITLE: Untitled. Because I'm very uncreative
Mischief Averted
CHARACTERS: Tonks, Charlie
A/N: Written for the N. Tonks Yahoo Group Cookie Challenge. There's slight, one-sided Charlie/Tonks, but that's only because I wanted to post it in the FAP cookie jars in hopes of attracting more contributors to the cookie challenges.

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