May 16th, 2004

Due South

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I spent all day in the sun today, writing. No, seriously, I worked on my Regulus Black Challenge (which was actually due on Thursday - oops?), my Tonks Cookie Challenge (which is threatening to become a fic, or at least a ficlet), my Black Sails Nursery Rhyme Challenge, Nightmares and Summer at Lyonesse.

I also got a bit of a sunburn. Just on my right shoulder and my left knee. Not nearly as bad as either my mother and sister, both of whom are the type to burn instead of tan, both of whom keep on not wearing sunblock.

I also discovered Bibliophil and had this conversation with my parents:

DAD: The Simpsons are getting low ratings recently.

MOM: That's probably because they're overly critical of America, which isn't popular right now.

ME: Hey! Guess what? Tonight's summary? "Bart moons the flag and Marge's explanation makes the family seem un-American." And the entire show was mocking how many Americans (though few or none on my flist) are over-reacting to everything and anything.