April 22nd, 2004

Due South

Seven/Eight Worst Swear Words

The Seven/Eight Worst Swear Words, according to the US government, who wants to ban them from tv, radio, etc., (etc. possible includes newspapers, but don't quote me on that) are shit, fuck, asshole, cunt, the phrases cock sucker, mother fucker and ass hole (Don't ask me how that differs from asshole - I'm not an American elected official) and .... piss. Yes, piss is listed up there. Because piss is such a bad, bad, bad word. Right.
Due South

(no subject)

I was sitting in the park, reading/studying. A guy comes up to me.

Guy: I saw you reading here, and I wondered, what does she need? A lemonade. So here you go.

He gave me a can of lemonade and left. Isn't that sweet?