April 4th, 2004

Due South


In the last few days...

+I have untangled the plot twist of one of my Regulus Challenge fics. So can now start to write it.

+Gotten drunk more than once. But went to aunts, which is fun and a lot of wine. Went to house (own house) party, which was also fun. Which all involve lots of wine.

+Learned that downloading music, on Kazaa and the ilk, is perfectly legal in Canada.

+Did not learn how to fry up fish and instead practically burned said fillet of fish three times.

+Got drunk. More than once. I know I've already said this, but still.

+Decided that racism makes absolutely no sense. Had decided previously. Reiterating statement. Racism makes no sense. I do not get racism.
Due South

Today Sucks

I've been up for less than ten minutes and have already come to that conclusion.

+I'm hungover - to no one's surprise, including my own.

+I slept in - which wouldn't be so bad, except it's Day Light Savings Time Day.

+It's Day Light Savings today, so I lost an hour.

+I have tons and tons of work to do and lost an hour in which I could do it.

+Because my dad also slept in and it's DLST, he's not coming in to Toronto to take me out for lunch like we had planned.

+The temperature dropped back below zero. I don't want to go outside.