March 5th, 2004

Due South

Mistaken Identity?

Finally, a hp100 challenge that I like. Well, plus on a day when I'm not being entirely too lazy to write for it...

This was inspired not as much from the actual question, but duva's ranting that the person used Remus' name twice instead of Peter's in the question about what house they were in.

Mistaken Identity?

Peter banged on his dorm’s door. “C’mon! Let me in!”

“Sorry, Pete,” James said, voice muffled. The door might have been closed, but clearly James was laughing hysterically. “Can’t let you in.”

“It’s my room, too,” Peter whined. He tried pushing again, but James was still blocking it.

“That’s not what the sign says,” James shouted back.

“It’s a mistake! Just let me in.”

“Can’t!” James was having entirely too much fun at Peter’s expense.

Finally Peter had to give up. “Bloody door.” He glared at the sign that welcome him to the room of Sirius, Remus, James and Remus.