February 15th, 2004

Due South

Gay Marriages

I support gay marriages.

If for nothing else, then for the ease of introducing couples.

No, seriously, think about it. It's so much easier to say "and this is so-and-so's wife/husband." I mean, what are the alternatives?

Boyfriend/girlfriend? Doesn't show the strength of the commitment the couple has to each other. If I were married, I'd be put out if someone referred to my husband as my boyfriend.

Significant other? Entirely too long. And SO works if you're typing, but say it aloud? People will look at you cluelessly.

Roommate? Can possibly turn into a messy misunderstanding. What if it really is roommate? Or if someone doesn't get your innuendos?

Life partner? That just sounds stupid.

Special friend? Ditto. And condescending. Really. Try to say "special friend" in a completely straight-forward voice.