February 13th, 2004

Due South

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I hate the current look for FAP. I'm not even talking about the Valentine's Day theme. But it keeps on blinking at me, which I find so incredibly annoying. Probably comes from the fact that I feel hungover and have spent the last two hours translating three pages of Harry Potter et le prisonnier d'Azkaban.

I should explain that I'm not actually hungover. I actually had a horrible migraine yesterday (which explains why I was feeling like I was on Wednesday) and then did stupid things like stay out all day instead of sleeping. (I had class, went grocery shopping, to the library and then saw a student production of A Chorus Line.) By the end of the night (which was 11 o'clock) I felt so incredably out of it, having had said migraine since about 1, that I can't actually remember most of the last few hours of yesterday.

I slept for thirteen hours and was ready for a nap again two hours later.

Migraines suck.