January 16th, 2004

Due South

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Well, I'm out to brave the cold again. And will probably take the streetcar, which is a better idea than yesterday, when I decided to walk. The better part of an hour spent outside - even spread out as it was over an hour and a half time frame - resulted in my fingers turning such a lovely shade of purply-red that the a storekeeper refused to let me leave until I warmed up significantly.

I'm going stir-crazy indoors. And suffering from insomnia because I'm not getting enough exercise. I'm ready for the temperature to rise again. I'm not even asking for a miracle. -10 (with no windchill) would be pleasant. (Keep in mind I'm Canadian and am using Celsius.)

Umm.... nothing else is new in my life. I'm so boring. I'm not even writing. Which I really should be. Instead, I've been keeping up on my readings, cleaning the house and ... I have no idea what else. Something.

Oh, and I keep on thinking that what I'm dreaming really happened. Twice yesterday alone.

I am so boring.