January 11th, 2004

Due South


Well, I've just been plagiarized. It wasn't even one of my better stories (or rather series), in my opinion. It was in Charmed, so I was just lucky someone who knew me still reads fanfic for that series. (By the way, if you enjoy either Charmed or Passions fanfic, check out Juliette Mendoza's fic.)

In better news, I submitted Crossword Puzzles to FAP and got a lovely review this morning. Certainly helped cheer me up.

I'm drafting a letter to send to the plagiarizer, after his stories are removed. I don't want to give him a chance to take them down himself and avoid being banned. Although I informed all the other authors he ripped off and they might not have the same idea as me.

I also informed all the reviewers where to find the real stories.
Due South

Plagiarism, Part Two

Just a quick entry so I can get back to my readings. I'm hoping to finish them before my migraine starts to make me cry, because I need them down for first thing tomorrow. Of course, I've come to the conclusion that no one reads my journal, so it doesn't really matter.

The plagiarist was banned this afternoon. Then he sent me an e-mail (well, he and his friend, who remarkably had the same IP address) saying it wasn't his fault; he didn't know that he had copied me, that it was his friends fault. He asked to be my friend. I told him I would forgive him if he gave me one good reason to do so. I might post more of the conversation in a friends-locked post tomorrow.

ff.n has started to list the number of people who have you on Author Alert. I started out at 52 today, but am now down to 51. And one is me. Still, it makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy is my migraine.