January 2nd, 2004

Due South

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I was added to 5 people's favourite author's list in the last 24 hours on ff.n. I feel so happy!

It's been a lazy couple of days. We had the house set up for hangovers yesterday, and then none of us got them. So we pigged out on chips and Corona anyway, and watched the first few episodes of 24. Tonight we're having another marathon of them. I'm trying to see as many episodes as possible before I go back to Toronto and have to start renting thme myself.

Today I tried to catch up on my e-mail (but only got halfway through before I gave up), read, wrote, and then got distracted when my friend wanted to play Hexic over MSN. Three hours later, she was bored out of her mind and I was hopelessly addicted. Plus, I've been listening to Gordon Lightfoot on loop, because I'm also hopelessly addicted to him.

I have almost finished MHT3K episode 11, and will be posting it either tonight or tomorrow.

Also, a few rec's. They're older, but good.

As the Paint Flies by Erin Faith
A very short story I found lurking in my computer, in which the Marauders and Lily are forced to paint a dungeon for detention. VERY short, but worth a read if you're bored.
I'll repeat that it's short, but it just makes it more worthwhile to take five minutes out of your life and read it.

Party Animals by PezMaster
(FULLY REVISED!) The Hallowe'en ball is coming and James is having girlfriend trouble, Remus has a date with a full moon, and Sirius becomes busy with open jars of peanut butter, spiking the punch, and overcoming his feelings for a certain someone.
Nice, easy banter between MWPP, which I really enjoy.
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