December 28th, 2003

Due South


I'm back. And very glad to be home. Don't get me wrong; I love my relatives. There are just a lot of them, and after two and a half (three, if you count Christmas proper) days of being around people constantly with no room, space or time to yourself, I was ready to get the hell out of Dodge.

So, run down of the last few days?

Got drunk Christmas, as you could all tell from my drunken posts. Didn't drink at all on Boxing Day, but that was because I was the DD again. I'm always the driver on Boxing Day. But I don't mind. In this case, being sober meant I could play poker and I won $35, so I was happy.

Didn't get anything big for Christmas. The usual assortment of things, except no clothes. (Well, one shirt from my sister and two pairs of socks from my cousin.) Lots of stuff for my kitchen, which is good. Because I need it. Two separate dish scrubbers. I'm wondering if my parents were trying to tell me something. RotK soundtrack. dueSouth Season 2 on DVD (YAY!!!) Umm... and a bunch of other little things that I won't get into.

I bought myself a toque with $5 of my winnings because I didn't have a winter hat, just a headband. Then amazed all my cousins because I walked home from the mall. It was only 45 minutes away.

Played Cranium several times; progressive rum once because any more would have too confusing to anyone other than my sister and myself; something called "slap-happy" "slapper-jacker" or "slammer-jammer" - one is correct, one is a hilarious mistake that my cousins can't figure out how anyone who isn't an idiot could make, and a third is a name I just made up - but don't ask me which is which; and poker, as previously mentioned. I refused to play the Game of Life.

Then, it took us half an hour to leave this morning because the dog escaped and decided it was a fun game to lie beneath the tires when we were trying to drive. My aunt and cousin had to chase the dog around the house - but it kept on circling around and coming at the car again.