December 25th, 2003

Due South

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Guess what? You're never going to guess. Because I never get like this. I especially never get like this when I decide to go on LiveJournal.

I'm drunk.

That's what happens when you open a bottle of red and then find out that no one else is going to drink it. Except for you. Which might have been explicit from my first statement. If I've got the definition of explicit correct in my first statement. Or last statement. Whatever. As I've said, I'm drunk.

It takes a hell of a lot longer to type your entries when you're drunk. Because you mispell/typo everything three times. Then you have to figure out if you really remember the spelling or not.

Christmas was fun. Christmas is always fun. Because I like my family. I love drinking with my family. They love drinking with me.

It was fun. We got talking about "kids these days" - except, my parent/aunts/uncles/grandma always think that kids *my* age are the best. I mean, I've never made a Molotov cocktail and set it off during a war. And I've never had the SWAT team called in on me. I'm already so far ahead of the last two generations.

Okay, entry ending now. Because otherwise I'll blather. Even though I'm doing it now. I wasn't able to finish Mistletoe because I forgot - once again - that I can't concentrate on December 23 or 24 and there wasn't enough time today between waking up/opening presents with immediate family and extended family coming over for supper. I will try to finish it before I go away for next couple days on other side, starting tomorrow. That's why I'll be quiet for the next couple of days. No internet.

Or something like that. I must repeat once again, I'm drunk.

Wasn't my New Year's Resolution to stop writing LJ entries when I was drunk? Good thing it isn't 2004 yet.

Once again, Merry Christmas. And sorry to all those people who don't celebrate it. Although those that do will probably not get this until too late.
Due South


Hmm... Just broke my necklace. The new one that my grandpa (and his wife) gave me for Christmas. Not really caring, because one wear is more than most of my necklaces get. I hate wearing necklaces. Actually, I don't mind the wearing. I hate when I try to get them off and they won't come off easily. Then I panic. Hence, the breaking of my new necklace.

As I said earlier, I had a little too much to drink. That's what happens when you decide to open a bottle of red and then discover that you're the only one drinking it. Everyone else had S. Blanc. Actually, my aunt had half a glass of the Pinot Noir. I had the rest. Plus, some white before, some white after, and a Corona.

Would like to sober up now.

Plus, since I'm not all too sure whether I a) said it or b) said it clearly, I'm going to be gone for the next few days. Out of town with my dad's family. Looking forward to it because I'm one of the small percentage of the population that a) gets along with my family and b) *likes* my family.

Okay, last entry for tonight. Promise. Again, Merry Christmas/anything you happen to be celebrating/nothing you are celebtrating.