December 23rd, 2003

Due South

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I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping. But I know exactly what I'm getting for the last two people on my list. Plus, it's at a shop in town, not a mall, so shopping will be pleasant and restful, even on Christmas Eve.

Right now, I'm restless. Probably because my attention span is shot. I can't concentrate to read, write or even sit still for longer than thirty seconds. I'm also regretting all the things I said I'd have done before Christmas because very obviously they aren't going to be done. Especially since I'm helping my dad run errands all day tomorrow.

And I'm bored. Except, as I explained earlier, it's only because I currently have no attention span.

I do, however, have a headache. Because it's been raining all day. RAINING of all the goddamned things. It's practically Christmas Eve! I want snow, damnit! Oh well, hopefully this headache is signalling a change in temperature.

ETA (which I haven't quite figured out what stands for) - As I may have mentioned, internet access is extremely limited when I'm at my parents' house. As in, until I head back to Toronto in January, I'll probably only get an hour or two a day with potential access. So I'm sorry if I take a long time to reply, etc.