November 23rd, 2003

Due South

Today I . . .

+ vacuumed. Finally.
+ did not do the dishes.
+ blew off my paper due tomorrow until 5, but the break cleared my mind and I feel much better now about it than I did all day yesterday.
+ spilled hot tea all over my lap. Ouch. I mean really, ouch.
+ didn't catch up on my e-mail/lj correspondence. Oops?
+ finally got my internet working properly again.
+ got an extension for my English paper and am ecstatic.
+ went to the Wine and Gourmet Food Expo and am still slightly buzzed.
+ finally spent the $20 and replaced my version of Prisoner of Azkaban that currently is with my sister's ex-roommate - not through either my or my sister's permission, though. (Actually, because of the sale going on, it was only $16, and I saved enough with the other two books I bought to more than make up for this.)

I'm hoping that once I finish-all-except-being-proof-read my paper, I can add to this list +work on fics. Including lilyandjames's challenge and the Full Moonthly Christmas challenge. And MHT3K, because I've been liking that one again. Plus, a bit of Nightmares or Summer at Lyonesse for good measures.

Yeah right. Like all that's going to happen.
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Due South

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Question - when you had maybe three glasses of wine all told, and that was over seven hours ago, should you be sober by now?

Then why am I still buzzed?