November 20th, 2003

Due South

Toy Broom

I didn't do any work tonight. Instead, I'm posting a drabble.

Christmas-y, written for hp100

Toy Broom

For Harry’s first Christmas, James got his son a toy broom.

Lily looked on disapprovingly when Harry – with much assistance from his parents – opened up that gift. “Harry’s too young for broomsticks.”

“You can never be too young,” James said stoutly. He had tried to bring one home when Harry came home from St. Mungo’s.

“Harry is. He can barely sit up on his own, let alone balance on a broom.”

Harry started reaching for the broom.

“He’s a natural,” James beamed.

Harry’s hand went past the broom, grabbing at some shiny tinsel.

Lily resisted saying, “I told you so.”