November 7th, 2003

Due South

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I really haven't been saying much lately. Mostly because I haven't been doing much lately. Lots of school work, yes. Unfortunately, not as much as I should be doing.

I've been keeping up with my mini-NaNoWriMo self-challenge. Mostly fanfic. A bit of school stuff. All very, very rough. That's what happens when I decided, every single day, not to start writing until one in the morning, by which point I'm exhausted and only want to go to sleep. I really must stop doing that. Really.

Totals this Week
Monday: 1263
Tuesday: 1100
Wednesday: 1105
Thursday: 1127

Now I just have to start Friday's. Maybe I'll write something short. Or fluffy. Try one of those 15minuteficlets challenges. Or the hp100 challenge. I kinda want something I can post, though.

In other news, today is my sixth anniversary posting fanfic. Probably mysixth anniversary writing fic as well. I wasn't *ahem* the best newbie out there. Actually, I was a horrible first time writing. Luckily, there only exist three copies of the "chapter" - one on my harddrive, and two in very obscure, you'll-never-find-them places on the internet. It was also under a different pen name. Of course, I started posting under this pen name only a few short months later, so it doesn't make much a difference when comparing the quality - or lack there of - of my early work.

Still, six years . . .