November 3rd, 2003

Due South

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I haven't written in a few days because if I said anything, it would have been a complaint about my stupid paper. Instead I saved that for other communities/groups I'm on. But now it's handed in and I can forget about school. For another hour at least.

Hallowe'en was fun. Except the part where I got locked out of my friend's house at 2 in the morning. But we got back in. Eventually. And without resorting to breaking a window. (Her roommates, luckily, had a key. We were afraid they didn't because apparently no one at her house ever locks the door.)

Word Count for the Weekend
Saturday: 1142
Sunday: 1199

Of course these are polished words. Well, hopefully.

Today I am only writing fluff. I've written a ficlet featuing MWPP and Lily and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sort of. I think I'll post it here, but nowhere else. It's short and pointless.
Due South

Fic: Lily and Sirius do the Time Warp Again

You learn things when you're in university. For example, umbrellas don't actually keep you from getting soaked through to the bone. They just keep your upper body from being too damp. Your jeans are fair game. Your shoes are fair game. Your socks are cannon fodder.

Hmm . . . perhaps I should change that to "You learn things when you're in uni and too cheap to spend the $1.70 for the TTC."

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