October 28th, 2003

Due South

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Migraine? Still there, but not bad. Might be going away. *fingers crossed*

Pain? Barely there at all. Much, much better than last night, when I was tempted to hit my head until knocked unconscious, figuring the pain I felt in the morning would be better than the pain I felt last night.

Advil? Isn't the wonderdrug I was hoping for. Well, I don't think my doctor was expecting much, either, but we both wanted to try something small before doping me up on the heavy stuff.

The non-complaining thing I couldn't think of last night? I'm on page eight (of ten) for reviews this month. I've been lazy for most of the month, but finally sat down and made myself review what I read yesterday. (And backreviewed a few stories I owed reviews to.) My goal of 10 pages of reviews before Thursday is now almost manageable. I've only 38 left to go.

I also reviewed a few non-ff.n stories. Once you get into the habit, it's hard to stop.

Okay, really must get to work on my Machiavelli paper, which is due tomorrow, which I've barely started, which I've left to the last minute - again - despite swearing that this time, this time would be different. It's not fun to get sick when there's so much work to do! Because, yeah, I really would have worked otherwise. Is there a mood for delusional?
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Due South


It's doubtful this will even work, seeing as my last three posts haven't.

Your soul is worth £33664. For your peace of mind, 24% of people have a purer soul than you. How much is your soul worth?

I am very tempted to sign up for NaNoWriMo. It looks like a lot of fun. But I won't.

Reason #1
I have entirely too many incomplete stories on my harddrive. In addition to the ones I was bad enough to post before they were finished (which I will never, ever do again), I've several where I've actually kept my promise not to post before they were finished. In the works, I currently have a Lily/James romance that will probably be novel length if I ever finish; two Sirius and Bellatrix as children stories (well, one's still in the idea stage, but seeing as it won't leave me alone, it'll be started in the very near future); my challenge response to http://www.livejournal.com/community/lilyandjames/ (only one to five pages, luckily); and not your typical meet-the-parents type fic featuring Lily and James. Plus, there's all my half-started, "on hiatus" fic, that I might come back to, like the novel-length story where Sirius runs away from home, or the MWPP murder mystery, or the pool hall X-Men: Evo fic. All of which I might go back to and finish. Eventually. And that's not to mention all the fic ideas that are currently floating around my head.

Reason #2
November is too busy. Whoever picked it as the month for this, was not an Ontario uni student. November I have five or six papers due. November I have lots of reading, plus all the reading a put off in September and October. November I have to get ready for exams, which start December 1 (two in one day). November, I have no breaks. No Thanksgivings, no Reading Weeks, no long weekends, nothing.

Solution #1
Join up anyway. I have a brilliant idea. All right, a idea. That's only half formed. I'm thinking of an October 1981 novel. Problem is, don't even know the POV. Sirius? Multiple? Third omnipotent? And, for this to work, that's a big issue.

Solution #2
Set my own personal writing goal for November. 1000 words a day. Anyway. Drabbles and school work, too Because, honestly, there's no way I'll have time to be writing fanfic if I've a paper due the next day. And writing 30,000 words in one month will be excellent preparation for next November, when I will participate in NaNoWriMo. Despite the fact that, being third year, my school difficulties will be compounded.

Oh well. I can dream, can't I?

So, if all goes well, November will be for writing and December for polishing (ha!) and posting. Which means I can start the new year with a fresh slate. No more incomplete fics looming over me.

As I said, I can dream.