October 25th, 2003

Due South

Christmas in October

I hate signs of Christmas in October. I can't go shopping yet. Half my friends (and family) are randomly humming Christmas Carols. And have "Good King Wenceslas" stuck in my head. It's very easy to whistle.

But no! Christmas season starts *after* Hallowe'en. Luckily, I'm Canadian, so I don't need to wait till the end of November and American Thanksgiving, before I can start Christmas season. I do this because otherwise, I get sick of Christmas songs, etc., by mid-December. Which is the worst time, by the way, to grow tired of Christmas carols. Especially since I do all my shopping the week before Christmas, it seems like.

But I *want* to listen to my Christmas carols. I *want* to get started on my Christmas fics. I can't *wait* until next Saturday (although, with all the assignments I have, it'll be clear into the new week before I actually am able to sit down and start to enjoy the Christmas season).

Speaking of work, I'm only 44 pages into Machiavelli's "The Prince" and I need to finish it today. But, I don't feel too guilty, because I spent a good portion of the day cleaning or grocery shopping instead of working. On the list of procrastination methods, those two rank up there as good excuses. If I get it finished, look for a new drabble from me later tonight. If not, well, hopefully tomorrow.
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Due South

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Woohoo! (That's my favourite exclamation lately for some reason.)

Several things. One, I've finished Machiavelli's "The Prince". Tomorrow I can start on the essay proper. Hopefully finish it before Tuesday, so I can start research for my other poli sci essay on Wednesday. I'm too busy over the next week to do my usual procrastination stunt.

Also, I may be a little tipsy. Apparently, my Celtic Dragon Wine Glass, a bridesmaid gift, is a little bigger than normal wine glasses. Three glasses turned into most of the bottle. Umm, oops?

I've finished my first Bellatrix/Sirius piece. Just a drabble, but whatever.

And yes, you've read that right. Bellatrix/Sirius. It's my guilty pleasure. So obviously, don't read if blackcest is not your thing. I'll cut it for those uncomfortable.

I've also decided to try my hand at the http://www.livejournal.com/community/lilyandjames/ challenge. I really shouldn't. As if I don't have my hands full enough as it is. But it's only 1-5 pages. Which is my excuse for everthing. *sigh* One of these days, I'll *finish* what I've started, instead of starting something new yet again.

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