October 24th, 2003

Due South

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I hate Hotmail. They refuse to deliver my mail on time. I used to think it was Yahoo Group's fault (as it has been many times in the past), but have since learned that it's not delivering most of my mail (except for spam - they mustn't interfere with my getting messages on how to enlarge my penis, after all).

It really isn't good. I'll go home for the weekend, and on Sunday receive an e-mail from my mom telling me when she'll pick me up from the bus station. Doesn't really help.

And I've had my e-mail address for so long that I really don't want to get rid of it. Too many people have it, and I'd still have to check it as often as any new one. Thing is, I'd even consider paying Hotmail, if only I had any guarantee that they'd deliver my e-mail on time.

It seems that all I write any more are challenges. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's more of an observation.

Or maybe it's that, because challenges are often so short, they're the only thing I've been finishing lately. I have a million and one other ideas for fics, but refuse to even start most of them until I've whittled down my "in progress" pile a bit. I have several stories that I absolutely must finish by the end of the year, namely Summer at Lyonesse, which has been ongoing for 2 1/2 years (and by "on-going", I mean I wrote two chapters and then abandoned it); Marauder Hogwarts Theatre 3000, a MST I started back when MSTs were all the rage, but am still quite fond of; Nightmares, an X-Men: Evolution fic that I was writing over the summer and ought to finish while the slightest interested in that fandom still remains; and Secrets and Lies a Charmed fic that suffered the fate I was referring to in "Nightmares".

Yet, I've promised myself that if it's posted on ff.n, I will finish it. Mostly because that's the only real site I post at anymore. Well, post at consistently.

With all that going on, who has time to start a new fic? Except, in my head, I always say that challenges don't count, or else challenges are time-limited, so there you go. I write answers to challenges instead of anything else.

PS - I just discovered that you don't need to have a Subject. Because that "(optional)" bit beside it didn't tip me off before. Now I just feel stupid, instead of happy.
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Due South

Fic: Happy Birthdays

...And I completely forgot to post the drabble I finished yesterday. Written for Prongs' birthday, over on the SiriusXJames Yahoogroup. So, obviously, it's slash. Don't read if that's not your sort of thing.

Title: Happy Birthdays
Author: Trinity Day
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling's. Not mine.
Word Count: 300 (3 sections of 100)

When no one wished Sirius a happy birthday, he wasn’t worried. It was obvious that they were planning something big later. They had even quickly changed the subject when he had neared earlier.

When dinner was done and no one showed any signs of wanting to distract him, Sirius began to worry.

When Remus, after looking at his homework planner and noticing the date, said, “Happy Birthday,” Sirius was numb.

When Sirius looked over at his boyfriend, James was too busy laughing with some of the Quidditch players to spare him a glance.

Suddenly Sirius couldn’t breathe.

He’d been forgotten.


“You’re sulking,” James said from the doorway.

Sirius wouldn’t look at James. He had listened to the boy come up the stairs, curse at finding the door locked and finally magic it open. But Sirius wouldn’t give James the satisfaction of looking at him.

“You’re sulking,” James said again when it became apparent the first statement wasn’t getting a response. He crossed his arms over his chest, although Sirius couldn’t see the action. James watched Sirius intently; Sirius studiously avoided watching James.

“Sirius…” A firm warning.

“Sirius…” Exasperation.

“Sirius…” Quiet this time. Pleading.

Then, just as soft. “I didn’t forget.”


Slowly, Sirius turned to look at James.

“How could you think that I would forget?” his boyfriend asked.

“No one said anything,” Sirius sniffed.

“It was supposed to be a surprise.”

“But you weren’t trying to get rid of me to set up for the party.”

“Who said anything about a party?” James asked. “I’ve planned something better.”

Sirius cocked his head inquisitively while James drew close. “I got Peter and Remus to agree to sleep elsewhere tonight. We’ve got the room to ourselves all night.”

Sirius had to admit it was the best present a boyfriend could ask for.