October 21st, 2003

Due South

Voldemort vs You-Know-Who

I've posted this question on Lazy MWPP Writers Groups and am posting it here as well. Not that many/anyone is reading this yet. Oh well. Surprise me!

What do you think MWPP and Lily called Voldemort? By his name or by "You-Know-Who"? And if it was the former, did they always call him that? Did they ever call him You-Know-Who?

Peter, we know, calls him You-Know-Who in PoA. Remus and Sirius call him Voldemort. I'd imagine that before they died, Lily and James were doing the same. But back in Hogwarts? I'm not so sure. (Actually, Sirius I can always see calling him Voldemort, but that's just my opinion.)

So what does everyone think?
Due South

I love drabbles!

Drabbles are great. You can write several in a day. I have written several today. It just gives me such a good feeling, to not only have finished *one* thing, but rather *several* things. Okay, so they aren't all refined yet. Who cares? (They possibly will be before I go to sleep tonight - I plan to read or write for the rest of the night.)

I can, however, post one right now. It was written for the HP100 challenge #27. Speaking of which, does anyone know if there's a way to simultaneously post the exact same post to more than one spot?

Anyway, the drabble:

Title: Cave Mors
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Sirius, James
Author's Notes & Ramblings: This wasn't meant to be slashy. Yet when I finished, I realized it could be taken in that way.
Death can be considered a culture shock, can't it? If some people are using the Muggle world as another country, I think I can use the afterlife as one, too.


“So, this is Death,” Sirius stated.

His companion nodded. “In all its glory.”

Sirius looked skeptically at the monotonous expanse. “Glory” wasn’t the first word he’d use. “This is death? This is what everyone’s afraid of? Azkaban was a hundred times worse. Hell, my house when I was growing up was worse. This? This is just...”

“The word is boring,” James said wryly.

“Very boring. What do we do around here?”

James grinned at him, harkening Sirius back to happier times, back when they’d both been alive. “I’m sure we can think of something.”

Prongs and Padfoot were together again.
Due South

Seeing your name in print

Speaking of feeling pleased, I came across a story when reading tonight. Siriusly Bored by P.A.R. In the Author's Notes, she writes:

Oh! Almost forgot. Credit! The idea for what Sirius did that got him into so much trouble with Lily comes from Trinity Day’s story, Flying Lessons. I think I have the name and title right. It’s too cute for words, people. Go read it.

Do you know how nice it feels to come across your name like that in someone's story? Especially someone as good and prolific as P.A.R.

I'm also trying to catch up on my reviewing. I feel like I haven't reviewed anything in weeks. I try to review at least 10 pages (on ff.n's Review History feature) a month. I'm barely on page 5. And I've only a little over a week left this month!
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