October 20th, 2003

Due South

Hair of the Dog

I've never been a big believer in the hair of the dog method of dealing with hangovers. But apparently, it sometimes works! I felt more sober after having a pint tonight than I did the rest of the day. Of course, that might have something more to do with the fact that I finally drank enough water so that I wasn't completely and utterly dehydrated. I've also learned that several days in a row of a lot of drinking isn't all that good. Again, especially if you don't drink enough water in between the alcohol bouts. But, other than that, I had lots of fun. I really do enjoy spending time with my family. Especially drinking with my family.

Of course, right now I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I can either study for my midterm tomorrow, like a good little girl, or else I can write. I haven't studied yet, being too caught up in family things on the weekend. But I haven't written in ages, either. Well, except for a couple handwritten pages for "Same Old Obsession" - a James/Lily romance that is very slowly being written - when trying to sober up before going to sleep on Saturday. Plus, there's a Hallowe'en challenge I'm working on. Considering it's for my own group, I really need to write it. And Hallowe'en is coming up fast!

I will probably end up writing. There are also a couple of drabbles floating around in my head that I want to put down. I'll post one tomorrow or Wednesday.