October 18th, 2003

Due South

War, Family and other things

I will preface this by saying I've had more than a little to drink. Tomorrow I shall probably look it over and cringe, then edit it.

I saw my grandpa and his wife today. First time in about four years. I've decided a few things. One, I wish my grandpa didn't live halfway across the country. He is really interesting and I've never really gotten to know him. With a few of my relatives, I never got over my reluctance when visiting them. My grandpa is truly amazing and very intelligent. We only began to talk, but I'm really looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow.

For a few minutes, we were talking about the war. (The War, for me, has always been WWII for several reasons.) He was not old enough to enlist, turing 18 in 1946. Yet he was talking about how it completely eclipsed all of his interest for several years. He was talking about how he used to pour over newspaper clippings of maps, to determine where all the armies were at any given point. He talked about how, even though he was too young to fight, the war was practically his life when he was a teen. I'm sure it was the same for many people of his generation.

I've talked to my grandma as well on this. (My grandparents are divorced and my grandma has lived in the same city as I have for my entire life, so I know her much better.) What I remember from her is her story of hearing the attack on Pearl Harbor. We talked about it when the movie came out. She was listening to the radio that particular day. It was down very low, and she had to put her ear up right next to it to hear it. She had to tell her family about it. Even now, 60 years later, her voice almost cracks when she tells me about it. I find it, and other similar stories, hard to listen to without almost tearing up.

Part of the reason I feel so passionate about the war, its veterans, and everything else, is due to my high school history department head. He was more than dedicated to teaching us about what Canada and the world went through during those years. It was absolutely amazing. Every Remembrance Day, we would have veterans in to the school to talk to us about their experiences. My last year was the best - or at least the most effective. We had people in from the army, the navy, the air force AND the homefront (which, obviously, would speak more to me as a girl who would be in the same position had I been born a few decades earlier). It's ... well, you really have to talk to someone yourself. Seriously, I suggest you do. It's a major part of our history. Regardless of your nationality.

I will probably post a similar rant around Remembrance Day. Possibly more coherent. Possibly sober.

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